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Are You Overqualified But Still Want The Job?

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

So you found the perfect job that fits your skill set and experience. In fact, your qualifications far exceed the requirements of the position and you believe that all you need to do is submit your resume and the job is yours. Not so fast!!! Just because you believe you are the perfect fit for this position does not mean that the company or the manager will believe so too. Overqualified applicants get rejected all the time and there are many good reasons for this. Here are just a few of them:

  • You might get bored and leave at the first opportunity something better comes up.

  • You may not be willing to adapt or learn from someone below your skill level.

  • You may ask for a higher salary than the employer is willing to pay.

You still may want the job anyway because it is the right fit for you at this point in your career, or you just need a job and any job will do. Since we are in the business of helping you land the interview, we will focus on five tips to follow that will give you the best chance at doing so.

  1. Do not try to sound too impressive by using complicated verbiage.

  2. Remove any advanced degrees especially if the position does not require any.

  3. Remove jobs that are not relevant or that may show that you are overqualified.

  4. Take some of the glitter off of your accomplishments and summarize as if you were explaining them to the average high school student.

  5. When in doubt, mirror the language of the job description.

Before you submit your resume for a position that you're completely overqualified for, make sure it aligns with the requirements of the job and gives you the best chance at landing the job interview. We at ResumeDraft are here to help.

Happy Job Hunting.

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